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Male Enhancement Pills Guide

Male Enhancement Pills Guide

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Top 5 Male Enhancement Methods

If you were to research the term �male enhancement products� on the internet, you would probably come across 5 key methods that are reputed for increasing penis length: male enhancement pills, sexual enhancement patches, jelqing penis exercises, surgery and penis traction devices.

Now each of these products - in their own right - has got something to bring to the table. The only question you need to concern yourself with is: do they actually work?

Male Enhancement Pills

Made from natural components, these pills are essentially dietary supplements that are specifically designed to increase a man�s sexual stamina, firmness, staying power and most pivotally their size.

Looking at their most common ingredients, these supplements stray more onto the sexual performance side of male enhancement than offering men real, credible increases in penis size. Putting this point aside these natural supplements could still prove useful:
  • Damiana � used by the Mayans for centuries as an aphrodisiac, Damiana is known for its ability to improve erectile function and enhance orgasms

  • Tribulus Terrestris � used for centuries across Europe, this extract is commonly used to treat sexual dysfunction and boost your libido

  • Epimedium Leaf Extract � is generally a libido enhancer that through its use of its active ingredient icariin increases blood flow to your penis.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf � improves mental alertness, virility, blood vessel health and blood flow

  • Red Ginseng � is primarily an aphrodisiac used to treat erectile dysfunction and increase energy levels.

Sexual Enhancement Patches

All these patches essentially do is incorporate a form of transdermal technology that enables the above mentioned natural supplements to be administered into the blood stream directly.

Through their combination of various ingredients these sexual enhancement patches are proven to boost a users blood flow; improve sexual stamina and increase penis size, though only modestly.

Jelqing Exercises

Believed to have originated from the Middle East, jelqing consists of 100-200 penis exercises which are performed over the course of a 20 minute period. Once implemented, users can expect an increase in penis length of 1.4 inches and 1.1 inches in girth.


Notably the most risky of all the procedures mentioned here, penile enhancement surgery � commonly known as Phalloplasty � involves the surgical release of the suspensory ligament (found around the pubic bone region). Through cutting this suspensory ligament, the penis becomes extended by up to 6cm.

However due to the cutting of this ligament, being able to hold an erection can become affected.

To thicken the girth of a penis a technique known as lipo sculpture is incorporated. Here the penis is filled with the individuals own fatty tissue. The only note to take into consideration here is the risk of this fatty tissue forming irregular lumps underneath the skin of the penis.

Penis Traction Devices

Reputably the most credible and reliable of these 5 procedures, penis enlargement devices use a method similar to one used in contemporary orthopaedic surgery. Here these devices take advantage of the body�s natural ability to change/develop under influence and encourages the replication of tissue cells within your penis chambers.

Over time this accumulation of tissue mass enables you to experience a permanently increased penis size of up to 30%, as well as improved blood flow, stamina and sexual satisfaction.

Future of penis enlargement

Seeking the means to naturally increase your penis size will always be a fascination amongst the male community, but finding a product that actually works is another thing entirely.

For this reason, if you are looking for a safe and permanent method of lengthening your manhood, penis enlargement devices are the most credible route to follow.

Designed to ensure instant results within 7 days of applying the device; when worn over a 24 week period consumers can look forward to a 2.75 inch increase that is free from risks of impotency but is 100% safe.
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